How To Wear All Kinds Of Shoes No Matter What The Weather!

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The weather in Grande Prairie could be described as whimsical. At any given moment, no matter the season you need to be ready for anything. For most months here it is cold, Winter is long and wonderfully snow covered in minus temperatures. This does not have to mean a loss of our style, and Monaco Shoes has some tips to keep you on point in the Winter.

1. Check the Weather

When you wake up, find the gratitude for the day and check the weather. What shoes will you need today? Remember to check the times you are leaving and coming home to make sure you have shoes for those temperatures.

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2. Stay warm

If you are planning to wear nylons, where thermal socks over the top! Wearing some cute heels, wear winter boots to your destination and switch when you get there! Wear closed toe heels or flats.

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3. Play Smart

Have your slippers for when you stop in for meetings or apps around town. Most places in Grande Prairie prefer you to remove your shoes to help keep inside clean and dry.

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4. Pick a larger purse for winter months

You will need a bigger purse for your layering needs. The bag should fit your “inside” shoes, your hat, scarf, and gloves. This allows for you to bring all these items, keeping you warmer and allowing you somewhere to put the layers when not in use.

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5. Matching accessories

Think classic when purchasing your everyday accessories. Colour matching your shoes, coats, purse, gloves and winter hats. This allows a classic look inside and out, no matter the style you may be wearing that day.


6. Have a Classic Shoe for every Season

Classic shoes are a must for every wardrobe. Simple textures, colors, and shapes are timeless and a great investment.


7. Teach your friends and co-workers

Your friends and co-workers are going to wonder how you are looking so warm and stylish walking around in those dress shoes, while they are stuck in their winter boots. Friends don’t let friend’s wear winter boots indoors. Let them know your secret; you bring your nice shoes to wear inside!