11 Ways on How to wear High Heels.

Monaco Shoes is home to some brilliant high heels!

We carry several high-end designers with varying different types and inches.

One of the regular statements we hear about high heels is, “I don’t know how to walk in those, and they aren’t comfortable, but I wish I could wear them.”

So we have done a lot of research and come up with an amazing list of ideas to help you Ladies with your wish!

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1. Make sure you’re buying the right size shoe.

The size of your shoes needs to be right for you to be comfortable. For high heels, we recommend you shop later in the day and buy half a size to bigger than usual. This will allow room for the swelling of your feet as the day/night goes on.

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2. Learn what type of foot you have.

The type of feet you have can help decide on what type of heel to purchase. There are several different types of heels in different heights. You might have a wide foot with no arch; this would suggest you need a platform style, with a low heel. You might have a slender foot with high arch, allowing you to wear a higher heel than most.


3. When it comes to high heels, remember: quality over quantity

Quality textiles are less likely to cause friction, molding to your feet and allowing you to walk more comfortably.


4. Walk heel to toe.

Engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe in a straight line to give your feet a structured and elegant stride.


5. Wear them in, before you wear them out.

There a few tried and tested ways to wear in your brand new heels. Always wear them at home until you know they are worn in and comfortable. You can wear them in bed at night while you sleep. You can wear plump thick socks and wear the shoes around the house for a few hours at a time. Some have blow dried them on their feet from far away, careful not to burn your toes or shoes! -This is owner beware!


6. The thicker the heel, the better.

This is pretty much as written. A wedge heel is great for balance and comfort. A thick heel gives the heel more support and is easier to walk in. The beautiful stilettos are just that beautiful, but it takes a certain kind of event and heels to wear them.


7. Avoid thin soles, opt instead for a platform.

The thicker the bottom of the shoe, the more absorption it takes from your foot. Rubber soles are great, and even a small platform is helpful. Pick a brand like Michael Kors who has a built-in cushioned platform, or just go for a full platform or wedge.


8. Try a shoe with more coverage up top.

More coverage around the ankle and back heel can help you feel less wobbly.


9. Shoe inserts help!

There are a lot of different brands that carry all different types of inserts. Try Tana shoe inserts; they are our favorite. There are pads for the back of the heel, to protect from any friction or blisters. There are also front pads for high heels to help with extra cushioning. Be sure to ask us about Tana inserts next time you are here.

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10. Take a break.

Sit down, kick your heels off for a few. Stretch your toes, heels, ankles, and calves. This is great to do when your feet can be hidden under a table or desk. 


11. Sand the bottom of your shoes.

Quality shoes usually have soles that have some form of grip, but if there isn’t or there isn’t enough… take some medium grit sandpaper to the bottom of your soles and create a little grip.


We hope this helps, and please don’t be afraid to ask us about differences in fit and structure of your heels. Our goal is to help you find the best heels for you!